Just the thoughts of a girl.

The Little Things

This is what today has consisted of for me:

Sitting at my desk revising. How BORING!!

And when I revise, I always find little things that annoy me. Things that usually don’t bother me much at all, but when I’m sat at my desk writing away, or taking a break for a few minutes, just get on my nerve. Like the fact that the only two pens from the pack that I like to use while I revise that are dark enough to see are starting to run out. So now I get the odd page that looks like this:

which is really hard to read.

Also, yesterday I managed to get a blister on my thumb and you’ll never guess how – by straightening my hair. That’s right! I have no idea how I managed it, but it’s pretty painful. (Please ignore the big, lumpy, non-blister bit on my thumb. That’s what you get for canoeing for 12 years.)

I also have an aversion to wearing hand cream. I just hate the way it makes my hands feel all slimy, and as a result I have constant dry skin.

Another annoying thing is that the water from my sink, and in fact anywhere in my building apart from the bath (and I’m not going to fill my bottle up from a shared bath tap!) looks like this when you run it:

This means that when you get thirsty and pour yourself a drink, you have to wait for about 5 minutes before it eventually becomes clear enough to see through. During this time, there’s a constant hiss as the bubbles reach the top of the water and go out of the bottle lid.

But the most annoying thing about today was that I had to be inside to revise for a test I have tomorrow while the weather was so nice. I could see all the people from my flat outside listening to music and sunbathing whilst I was cooped up inside trying to learn all the boring details of photosynthesis.

On the plus side, it’s elections week this week which means there are loads of hopeful candidates all over the place and most of them have biscuits. So if I ever get bored or hungry, I just wonder over, pretend to be listening to all of there ideas whilst helping myself to most of any goodies they have out for people. It’s great!

But all of these little things get put into perspective when you hear about a story like Milly’s. Heather recently wrote a post about Milly, a little girl in our village who desperately needs your help to get the support she’ll need after she has major brain surgery to remove a tumour. All of the details are on her website, which also has a ‘donate‘ page. If you have a few spare minutes before you donate, I would really recommend watching the video they have about when Milly finds out the she’ll get to meet JLS. It just shows how lovely and normal a little girl she is. Please give anything you can and spread the word. After all, it’s the little things that count. Thank you.





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