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Tea and Cakes

Today, I caught the bus into town and met up with my mum and grandma for tea and cakes (or in my case, hot chocolate and a panini).

For my course, we recently finished two modules so at the moment we’ve got hardly any lectures – I’ve got 6 hours and a lab every week, which considering during the first term I had about 22 hours every week, isn’t that much. Because of this, it just so happened that I had a three day weekend, with no lectures on Monday. Now, don’t get me wrong I do have work to do, I’m not just sitting around doing nothing (well, not all the time anyway), but it’s just a bit dull and boring being cooped up inside all the time. I find myself looking forward to boring things like shopping and laundry and eeking them out over several days just so I have a valid reason to stop working and go outside.

So it was nice today to wake up and have a proper reason to go out. When I got to the bus stop, I looked on the electronic board thingy and there were no buses into town AT ALL! I got a bit panicky and started texting my mum to ask her if she could possibly pick me up first, but just before I sent it, one arrived. Technology like this is good in theory and could be a great help – IF ONLY THEY WOULD PUT THE PROPER INFORMATION UP!! GAH! How hard is it?

Anyway, because of my last bus experience, I’d got to the bus stop quite early and got on a bus pretty much straight away. This meant I’d be a few minutes early which I didn’t mind, but as I was on the bus I got a text from my mum saying they were in a traffic jam and were going to be late. So I was going to be early, and they were going to be late – brilliant.

It wasn’t that bad actually. It was nice to wander around the shops and be around people that weren’t all the same age as me. I kind of felt like I was ‘playing’ at shopping though – going into shops, pretending to look at different things, checking their price tags, but all the while knowing that I wasn’t going to buy anything. I’m not a good clothes shopper at the best of times, but when you have to pretend to be shopping whilst actually thinking about the next shop you can go into that’s acceptable for someone of your age to shop in, it’s pretty bad. This is probably why I ended up in Waterstone’s, browsing through the books and imagining what I would buy if I hadn’t just spent the last of my student loan on a bread roll yesterday.

Eventually, I got a text from my mum saying that they were parked and waiting outside Nero’s for me so off I trotted to find them. Now, you learn as a student that when you go out with people who have jobs and actual, you know, money; to spend; on cakes and other frivolous treats, to milk it for all it’s worth. I had a panini AND a chocolate cake AND a hot chocolate – now tell me I’m not living on the edge there.

I’ve never been to Nero’s before, but I can tell you I was very impressed. I don’t think their panini is as good as the one from Costa, but the hot chocolate was awesome. Apart from the last little bit where all the powder was left because I forgot to stir it and it was really strong. But I think I can overlook that because they had proper foam and little chocolate bits on the top – yummy! I think I should become a food critic. But I’m a vegetarian. And fussy. But then surely if something pleases me, then it MUST be good.

I got filled up eating my panini and drinking me hot chocolate, so I took the cake back to uni with me. They put it in a take away cup, which I thought was quite a good idea. I’ve no clue as to how I’m going to get it out though!

Maybe I’ll just have to tip it straight into my mouth – that’s acceptable, right? Well, maybe not but if I do it in my room with the door locked and curtains closed, no-one will ever know! (Apart from you guys, but you’re not going to tell are you?)

When we were walking back to the car, we passed this tiny little shop with chocolates in the windows. Naturally we all stopped and stared for about 5 minutes, drooling, before deciding that we couldn’t possibly not go inside. Unfortunately, I was too distracted by the possibility of more food to take photos, but I wish I had. There were several counters along the side. The first two had different trays of chocolates on all the shelves, and then toward the back of the shop, there was cheese and bread and honey. Apparently. As I said, I was too distracted by the chocolate to notice much else. My grandma treated us to one each (and my mum took some back for my dad and Padraig). I had a chocolate truffle coated with white chocolate and it was scrummy. I definitely want to go back again, and maybe next time I’ll manage to stay focused long enough to get some photos.

All in all it was a really lovely morning and one that makes me appreciate living so close to home. It takes my mind off of uni and I know my grandma especially looks forward to coming to see me as it gives her a reason to get out of the house too.

And if I get free paninis, cakes and chocolate, then it must be worth it!



  1. Rachel

    Where’s my chocolate? Chocolate’s postable! If you’re looking for something to do without doing work you can go over my dissertation for me… only 8700 words!

  2. Jan

    Oh my, I think I gained weight just reading the post, lol. It all sounded so good. I don’t know what those chocolate covered bars were but I would love to try one. Sounds like a fabulous day. I think it is great that you are so close to your Mom and Grandma.

  3. stick a fork in it and pull it out!

  4. I just love reading your posts. It takes this 44 yr. old back to my uni days in London. I was lucky enough to go to university in England. I don’t get to travel much anymore and I now live in the middle of the United States in Iowa with my husband and little daughter. I love my life now, but I love to think of the old days too. Your posts take me right back. Thank you Alice, and I agree with Heather, stick a fork in it.

    • And I just love reading all of you lovely comments. It makes my day! Thank you so much, Alice 🙂

  5. Melanie

    The chocolate caramel squares are really yummy too. Obviously it’s important to try these every time we go for coffee to make sure they are up to scratch. And it’s always so difficult to decide between those and the chocolate tiffin thingies. Your turn will come, Rachel!


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