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The Big Food Shop

Yesterday was a very sunny ‘looked like it was warmer than it was’ day, so naturally my whole block spent it outside in shorts and t-shirts playing frisbee and eating doritos. Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning I discovered that I must have been way to vigorous with my frisbee-ing as my back feels like it’s been walked over by an elephant in stilettos.

So what better to do when you feel like a cripple than go to Tesco so you have the joy of lugging heavy shopping bags all the way back to campus? I thought it would be slightly better shopping on a Sunday than a Saturday, but it definitely wasn’t. I think it’s because they have the stupid opening hours of 11-4 so even if there were less people, everyone turned up at the same time seemingly just to stand between me and the peppers. I eventually got back and thought I’d show you what I buy in a typical week – because everyone loves to know every insignificant detail about my life, don’t they?

These are my shopping bags that I take with me every time. I especially love the one on the right (which is actually a Whittard’s bag), not only because it says ‘Tea Bag’ on the side (hehehe), but because the handles are long enough that you can carry the bag over your shoulder. This frees up both hands so you can swap the other bag between them easily.

So here we have: Carrots, a courgette, a pepper, broccoli, sweetcorn, bananas, apples, passata, cheese and spring onion bakes, orange juices (lots of!), tomato soup, cookies (shh!), grapes and a pasty.

I wouldn’t usually buy a pasty, but it jumped in my trolley and when that happens you can’t put it back, it’s like, the law. I’ve got Quorn chicken and Quorn mince in my freezer still (I’m a vegetarian), so with all of this I usually make fours meals with the Quorn and vegetables, two of which I I freeze; and then I usually make a sort of risotto that isn’t actually risotto because risotto rice is disgusting  – sorry to all the risotto lovers out there. I fry any leftover vegetables and some sweet potato to bulk it out with some garlic purée and tomato purée. I then add rice to the frying pan before I add boiling water and cover with a saucepan lid. I keep adding boiling water until the rice is cooked and then I mix it all together. It’s really yummy and a good way to use up any vegetables and as a bonus, there’s hardly anything to wash up because it’s all done in one frying pan.

I always have a few cans of soup/spaghetti hoops/sweetcorn in the box under my bed just in case I forget to go shopping or something and I also have a few frozen things in my freezer like pies/vegetarian sausages/pasties/’cheese and spring roll bakes’ for if I just can’t be bothered to cook. When I cook these, it’s usually when I’ve used all my fresh vegetables, so I have them with sweetcorn and either spaghetti hoops or a potato/sweet potato cut into cubes, seasoned and roasted in the oven. It really depends on how lazy I’m being.

So on the menu tonight is a ready made Quorn mince with vegetables meal that I made a while ago and froze. I meant to eat it last night but forgot to put it in the fridge to defrost it (have I mentioned I’m a complete microwave hazard? Things always go wrong if I use one, so I don’t usually). I then put it in the fridge yesterday instead, forgetting that I would be going to Tesco today and would have lots of lovely fresh vegetables to use.Oh well, at least it’s quicker and easier and considering it’s now seven thirty and I haven’t started cooking, I’d say those two attributes are quite necessary.

And before I forget, I’ve got an Alice’s Top Tip for you! When I go shopping, I always write me shopping list on a post-it note. That way, I can stick it on the handle of the trolley so I’m hands free and can look at it as I go. I realise it might be quite tricky with a longer list, but it definitely works for me!

(I know it says it’s from Bath, but if they’re going to give me freebies, I’m going to use them!)



  1. Jan

    Very healthy for a college student! I am sure your mom is proud. 😉 Your rice dish sounds yummy and much easier to make than actual risotto. Have a good week!

  2. You are a good girl. I ate a lot more junk when I was away at university.


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