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If there’s one thing that can turn a bad day upside down, it’s going to the mini letterboxes at the end of our corridor and finding a pretty little envelope with my name written on it. I just LOVE getting post (as long as it’s not something boring or something requiring money). It’s so much more personal than an email or a facebook message because you know someone’s taken the time to sit down and take a few minutes out of their day just for you.

I usually get letters from my grandma and from my friend Isla from the canoe club and I love sitting down and catching up with what they’re up to. I always keep every one of my letters because I know one day I’ll find them hidden away somewhere and I’ll have a good old read and laugh at the things we used to talk about. That’s why I love letters because they’re actually there. You can touch them and keep them and they’re real. It’s not like a message over the internet or a phone call or a skype, because although I love getting them too, they’re not something you can keep to read again on a rainy day.

I also love replying to all the letters I get. Rachel bought me a letter writing set when I went to uni and I’ve nearly finished it now. I think the pattern on the envelopes is great!

I check the letterbox nearly everyday in the hope that there’ll be something for me, and it’s such a nice feeling when there is. I think technology is great and it’s definitely a good thing, but sometimes it’s nice to just step back, slow down and not race through life at the speed of light. Writing letters is a brilliant way of doing this, so I encourage you all – pick up a pen and write to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Even if they don’t write back, it’s a great feeling knowing you’ve brightened someone’s day up by letting them know you were thinking of them for those few minutes. And it’ll give you an excuse to go outside on this lovely day (well, it’s lovely where I am anyway!) when you go and post it. Go on, give it a go.

I dare you 😉




  1. I totally agree. Especially when you are away at college, there is nothing nicer than getting something in the mail. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. One-oh-four

    Such cute writing paper! I love getting real letters too, just wish stamps weren’t so expensive.

  3. Nanita

    I couldn’t agree more! When I was in highschool it was still pretty much pre-Internet era for me and most of my friends, and I have 3 shoeboxes stuffed to the brim with dramatic/funny/very silly letters of my friends and, ahem, boyfriends – so much fun to read when the years have gone by! Love your letter writing set – kawaii! 🙂 x

  4. Too true! You are right to keep them too, last year I posted about a letter I have that my Nan sent me back in the 80s – she is long gone sadly, but I can picture her writing it at her kitchen table as if it was yesterday. Precious memories.

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