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At the moment, my life seems very boring – there’s just nothing going on! The most I can tell you about my day today is that the weather was really warm, but I couldn’t find a reason to go outside other than to make the short walk to the swimming pool. I swam fifty lengths (yay!) and then walked back again. It just seemed a shame to have such a beautiful day and not go outside at all. So other than that little gem of information about my day I don’t really have much to tell you, but when I was looking through the photos I took at home I found these:

Padraig was recently in a debating/public speaking competition and did AMAZINGLY! He got three different awards and got this really cool wooden hammer as a prize. I’ll get hit for calling it a hammer, apparently it’s a gavel? We’ll just stick with ‘nice looking wooden prize hammer thingy’. Anyway, I’m very pleased that he did so well and that he seems to be enjoying it so much.

Some other photos I stumbled upon were these:

These snowdrops were at the side of the field we played golf in and my mum asked me to take some pictures of them. I’m so glad she did because they’re so pretty!

Anyway, sorry about the complete lack of interesting things to talk about, I really should make an effort to do more. But now I’m going have a break from doing nothing and eat one of my two wispa’s (which really means I’ll eat one, have a two minute debate with myself about eating the other, and then eat it) whilst watching Grey’s Anatomy with my friend.

Have a good evening!





  1. The snowdrops were pretty and I hope you enjoyed Gray’s Anatomy.

  2. Fifty lengths?!?! As someone who can’t swim that sounds an incredibly long swim. Ooh Wispa – yum!

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