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Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake

So, today was meant to be a super productive day. I was going to wake up quite early, finish a lab report, go to a lecture and then come back and do some more work. Ha ha ha. I was forced to reconsider the waking up early bit when six incredibly drunk people decided to sit outside my door and discuss the meaning of life very loudly for half an hour at 4:30 in the morning. I went to my lecture, but then the ‘working for the rest of the day’ turned into ‘watching a lot of crappy TV on catch up and convincing myself that going for a swim was more important’. Anyway, the fact of the matter is that I don’t have anything of much interest to share with you about the happenings of my life today, so I thought I’d make use of a few of the millions of photos I took at the weekend and show you all how I made that chocolate cake.

First, measure out six ounces of margarine. I use tissue paper to stop the scales getting all sticky before adding the sugar. It also makes it easy to transfer the margarine into the bowl and you could use the margarine covered tissue to grease a tin if you needed to.

Put the margarine in a bowl and weigh out six ounces of caster sugar. Add this to the margarine.

We have a mixer, so I turned it on to quite a fast setting to cream the margarine and sugar. If you don’t have a mixer, stir like crazy using the back of the spoon to squish the sugar into the margarine. Then go and have a half hour break while you get the feeling back in your arm.

Add three eggs to the mixture and turn on the mixer at a slightly lower speed (otherwise you get egg flying everywhere, and no-one wants that!)

At this point, the mixture will look absolutely disgusting and inedible, but don’t worry, just don’t look at it and start weighing out the dry ingredients:

Weigh out five ounces of self raising flour and make up to six ounces with cocoa powder. Make sure you sieve the cocoa powder because otherwise it WILL go lumpy! Add about a teaspoon and a half of baking powder and add all of this to the mixture. (You might need to look at the mixture briefly to accomplish this without any spillages.)

Turn the mixer on at a low speed, otherwise the flour has a tendency to fly up and suffocate you – then how would the cake get finished? After a while, it should look suitably gooey and chocolatey, at which point you can turn the mixer off after checking there’s no flour left round the edge that hasn’t been mixed in.

Pour the mixture into two cake tins (I’m not sure what size these tins are, sorry!) that have been lined with baking paper or greased.

Place into a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 20-30 minutes or until they bounce back up when you press lightly on the top of them. Don’t be tempted to open the oven to check until you absolutely have to, otherwise they won’t rise properly – and a cake’s not a cake if it isn’t light and fluffy!

There are many things you can do whilst waiting for the cakes to cook, such as snacking on brownies/cookies, licking the bowl of cake mix (not a preference of mine, I have to be honest!) or watching the cakes intently praying that they will in fact rise.

Wait until the cakes are absolutely cool before you ice them, otherwise the icing melts and doesn’t stay on the cake (which would at least give you an excuse to lick all the drippy icing!). I used left over butter icing from the Victoria sponge after adding a LOT of cocoa powder to make it nice and chocolatey.

After that, I just chopped some chocolates in half and placed them on top.

And voilà, you have a scrummy, yummy chocolate cake to inhale at your leisure.

See, I told you I took a lot of photos!



  1. I was about to ask you to post your recipe, as this does look delicious! Good tip about using the tissue paper too. I think ‘suffocated by a chocolate cake’ would be an interesting cause of death lol!

  2. That looks so good! And I love your oven gloves….

  3. Melanie

    It really was a delicious cake. Only one slice left now. Hopefully with my name on it, otherwise I’ll just have to bake another . . . .

  4. Jo

    Mmmmm looks scrummy. Tip for you, to save on tissue paper, measure the sugar first then measure the butter on top of the sugar. No sticky mess in the bowl and no need for tissue paper. Ta dah.
    Loving the blog btw x

  5. Nanita

    You’ve inherited the magical cake-talent!! That looks like the yummiest chocolate cake I’ve ever seen, such a pity I’m terrible at baking… I’m gonna have a try at this recipe anyway, thank you 🙂 x


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