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Pancake Day

Today was one of my favourite days of the year. What a fantastic idea to allocate an entire day for eating pancakes! I’ve always loved them and so it was only natural to go to my friends’ place and spend two and a half hours making, assembling and eating pancakes.

As you can see, I was obviously too excited for the pancake cooking to begin to actually brush my hair this morning – you can understand that right?

My friend is obviously as weird as my mum, because he too decided to have banana on his pancake (albeit with squirty cream and chocolate spread). They need to learn – pancakes should never be associated with anything remotely healthy, unless it’s sour and comes from a lemon. Pancakes are basically just something to use for eating chocolate spread/sugar/golden syrup without getting your hands all sticky. I’m sure that’s why they were invented! And what’s more, on pancake day you don’t get judged for eating your weight in scrummy, unhealthy fried things smothered in chocolate. It’s BRILLIANT!!

So now I sit here licking the last of the syrup off my fingers counting down the days until another of my favourite times of year – the day where you get lynched if you DON’T eat chocolate – Easter! Maybe that’s why lent is needed, in an attempt to lose some of the calories from all the pancakes you’ve eaten before you put them all back on again in chocolate.

I think I’ll go and make something really healthy for tea tonight. After all the cakes/cookies/brownies/pancakes I’ve eaten over the last few days I think I need to have a break from unhealthy food.

But, oh, I’ve still got some cake from home that I bought back to uni with me. That’s much more tasty than vegetables. And easier too.

Cake for tea isn’t so bad.

Is it?

What’s your favourite pancake topping? Mine’s definitely close between chocolate spread and golden syrup with lemon juice.



  1. Jan

    Looks delicous. English pancakes look different than our American pancakes. Yours looks thinner, like a crepe? Ours are thick and usually served with butter and maple syrup. I think I would like one of yours and one of ours. 😉 I am glad you were able to enjoy them with a friend.

  2. One-oh-four

    I’ve just finished clearing up after making pancakes with my kids – we had a bit of an incident with the mixer and a too small bowl….nuff said! Toppings were varied – chocolate sauce, toffee sauce, brown sugar and orange juice were the best three. Feeling slightly nauseous now but would do it all again tomorrow if it weren’t for my waistline! Re: your dilemma over cake or vegetables – do you like carrot cake?

  3. I had pancakes for tea! But i had chicken and cheese and potatoes on it for some reason. It was still quite yummy though. And I think I prefer choclate, but we don’t have any in the house….

  4. Katharina

    Hi Alice,
    as my favourite topping I would choose as well the banana.
    On second thought, I wouldn’t say no to chocolate 🙂

  5. One-oh-four is right. Carrot cake answers the veg/cake question rather nicely.

  6. I’m a traditionalist – has to be sugar and lemon for me. Great blog by the way!

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