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This weekend, I don’t have too much work to do so I thought I’d come home for a few days (I love being able to say that I can visit home pretty much whenever I want – it’s one of the main reasons I picked a uni so close to home). My mum picked me up yesterday and we stopped in at my grandma’s on the way back for a cup of tea and a few biscuits (you can’t go to my grandma’s and not have biscuits, it’s like, the law).

When I arrived home, I went into the kitchen and found this:

(Victoria sponge cake with home-made cherry jam)

And this:

(The world’s best chocolate brownies – they are SERIOUSLY good!)

And these:

(Yummy cookies with dark chocolate chunks in. I’m not usually a fan of dark chocolate, but these cookies just wouldn’t be right without it.)

Next to these:

(Cookies from Ikea.)

And these:

(I’m pretty sure you can all see these are Tesco’s Iced Yum Yums)

My mum has just whipped up another batch of brownies and plans to make a super awesome chocolate cake later too. I think she’d like me to explain that Padraig had some friends over the other day, so the brownies and yum yums were left over from that and he’s going to another friend’s house tonight and is taking the fresh batch of brownies. She’s making the chocolate cake because, well, who doesn’t like having a chocolate cake just sitting around waiting to be eaten at any time?

Seriously, my attempts to be healthy just go to pot when I’m at home. But if yummy home-made cakes are wrong, who wants to be right? It’s one of the things I associate with home and it would just be weird if there wasn’t something nice on the kitchen side waiting to be eaten.

I had intended to introduce you all to our pets. I’d even thought of a title – The Murphy Menagerie (see, it had alliteration and everything!). But then it rained and I didn’t want to get all wet going outside, so I took a few photos of our inside pets and called it a day.

This is Bunny (he was originally called Clover, but everyone just called him Baby Bunny because he was TINY. Then he grew and wasn’t a baby any more, so he’s just called Bunny now.):

He’s got a bit of a gammy eye. We’ve taken him to the vets, but there’s not much they can do about it. It doesn’t seem to bother him very much though – just looks a bit gross!

This is Betty (ginger) and Treacle (black and white):

So that’s our mini indoor menagerie. I’ll try and get some photos of our mini outdoor menagerie tomorrow, but I’m not promising! Now I’m going to go and drool over the home-made pizzas that we’re having for tea.

(Only Padraig has ketchup with pizza!)

Hope you all have  good Sunday. 🙂



  1. Jan

    Oh my this all looks so good! What a nice day it looks like you had. Certainly, that helps get through those long University weeks. 😉


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