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Lunch by the River

Yesterday, my mum came over and we went into town for the morning before meeting up with a family friend for lunch. The day started off a bit later than planned because the buses were against me. Usually there’s a constant stream of buses, so I arrived at 9:30 ready to meet my mum at 10. I looked on the little swanky electronic thingy that shows when the next buses will be and it said 18 minutes. Oh brilliant – I guess I’ll be late then. So when the more expensive bus arrived about 10 minutes later, I thought I’d better just stop being a cheap skate and use this company for once.

Me and one other girl got on and the bus pulled off, so I thought “this isn’t too bad, at least I’ll get there on time.” But just as we’d gone round the other buses, we pulled back in again. Huh? Then the driver got off! I sat there agitatedly for a few minutes and then to make things ten times worse, the cheaper bus pulled in, waited for a while and then went. Brilliant. Eventually the bus driver came back into view putting out his cigarette and got back on the bus. A few people who had been waiting got on and I thought “finally, now we can go.” Then the driver picked up something small and black and started to read it. “Ok, maybe he’s new and checking the route or fares or something?” No. It was his bloomin’ kindle. So we waited for another five minutes until he’d reached the end of his chapter and then decided that maybe he should take these poor, ripped off people to where they wanted to go.

Anyway, we eventually made it into town and I met my mum who’d already had a wonder around the shops while she waited for me. We didn’t really have anything specific that we needed to do (other than buy some new goggles!) so we had a look down a few of the side streets, going into any shops that looked interesting. The first one we went into had all sorts of glass jewellery and little earring dishes and general nik-naks, which was nice to look around but we didn’t buy anything (neither of us are very impulsive buyers). The second shop I think my mum just about fell in love with. It was a Haberdashery shop filled to the brim with all sorts of fabrics and yarn and ribbon and buttons. I was treated to two balls of yarn after I started wondering which colours might look nice for my next project, which I think is going to be cushion covers. Either that or a blanket, but I don’t think I’m quite advanced enough in my knitting skills to start a blanket yet!

I think I’ll have to order some more online as the shop didn’t have a huge variety of colours. Does anyone know any good websites that might have it on there? It’s called King Cole Big Value Chunky.

After that, I showed my mum the house that I’ll be living in next year (after a bit of wondering around saying, “I’m sure it’s round here somewhere!”) and then we went in search of the canoe club. I knew vaguely where it was, but I’d never been there – turns out it’s within walking distance from my house next year which is handy. We had a bit of a breather on a fallen tree and watched the river for a little while.

After that, we walked up to meet our friend and we went and had lunch in a nice (but quite posh!) restaurant in some gardens by the river. I had sweet potato soup and chips. Because I’m traditional like that. Especially in posh places. I don’t think I’ll get invited out again…

All in all, it was a really nice day and it kind of felt like the first day of spring. It was a shame I had to spend the rest of the day cooped up inside doing all the work I probably should have done instead of having lunch/swimming/knitting/watching Grey’s Anatomy with my friend etc earlier in the week. I’ll learn someday.

Meh, probably not.



  1. Jan

    Just wanted to let you know… I have always loved your sister’s blog. So, I followed her advice and came to visit your blog. I have been reading ever since! I am certainly old enough to be your mother, (since I do have children your age!), but I thouroughly enjoy reading both of your blogs. I like seeing the lives of ordinary everday girls and your family seems so lovely. I think your Mom should go on and start her own blog. I would love to see things from her perspective as I imagone she would be a wonderful lady since she is the mom of two such fabulous girls.
    Happy blogging to you! ~Jan from USA

    • Thank you so much Jan, I showed my mum that and she looked very happy! This is exactly why I started this blog – as an ordinary girl šŸ™‚

  2. they have that yarn in the fent shop here x

  3. One-oh-four

    Deramores.com is a great place to look for online yarn purchases, and they have King Cole on offer at the mo…. in fact…..they always have something on offer….
    Your day out looks lovely. We went out to the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry today to see Swallows and Amazons. Made me want to be out in a boat!

  4. Liz jennens

    I was going to suggest you looked at Deramores too.You get Ā£5 off your first online order.Have you thought of looking on eBay?a lady I met on the train home to Yorkshire mentioned it to me and it’s a wonderful source and entertaining to particularly in the auctions

  5. Melanie

    Am definitely going to get a hair cut after seeing that atrocious (? spelling) photo of me! There’s long and there’s extremely shaggy and my hair is the latter! Was a lovely morning though and the weather was so sunny and bright. X

  6. Nanita

    That must’ve been such a brilliant day, yaaay for the cushion cover-project! I’ve made a few (crochet ones) but I cheated really – I took an existing plain cushion cover, hooked a square, and stitched it on top of it (to avoid fiddling with zippers and stuff) šŸ˜‰ Have to say, I’m a big fan of your mum’s – especially after seeing what cake-magic she works (I just saw a pic of the huge chocolate cake on Heather’s blog and I’m still drooling)! šŸ˜€
    Greets from Brussels! x


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