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My Poor Crocuses

Oh dear. The time has come to inform you of my poor attempts at keeping my crocuses alive. As I mentioned before, they didn’t have much hope of surviving due to the fact they were being kept in a hot, stuffy wardrobe compared to a “cool, dark and ventilated spot. Ideal temperature 5-10 degrees Celsius”. Add to that fact that I was supposed to plant them “as soon as possible after purchase”, and waited for about 2 months, it’s a miracle the shoots started to grow really. (Apologies for the extremely blurry picture!).

So I was taking good care of my bulbs, checking the soil regularly and watering when needed and then the other day I spotted it. My one visible shoot had gone blue. There were only two possible explanations – either the poor little shoot was hypothermic, or it had gone mouldy. Ruling out hypothermia due to the extremely high temperature of my room, I had to diagnose my little shoot with the dreaded mould. Unfortunately, whilst confirming this diagnosis, the top fell off. Oops!

But there was hope yet. Whilst the shoot was developing this terrible condition, another bulb managed to produce two shoots! (Cue more dancing around the bedroom/jumping on the bed).

But last night as I was watering, I saw it. These shoots had also developed the dreaded mould along with another tiny shoot that had just started poking through.

My poor, poor crocuses! I’m still hopeful though. I planted five bulbs and only three have died so far. That means there’s totally a chance that one of the other two might survive. Well, probably not, but it’s quite interesting watching the mould growing. Actually, now I’ve written it down, it’s quite disgusting. I was going to write about this yesterday along with my swimming misfortunes, but there’s only so much misery people can take in one day. Also, I wrote 939 words in that post which is plenty enough – who knew you could ramble on for that long about your goggles breaking?

Scarf update – I finished my ball of yarn last night watching Desperate Housewives, but have decided that the scarf is still not long enough. So I’ve sent my mum on a mission to try and find the other ball of yarn that we may or may not have bought when we got the first ball. I will definitely show it to you when it’s finished though.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I can’t wait to see your first ta dah

  2. Alice it was Sirdar Supersoft Aran and came from the knitting shop in town (you know the one.) http://www.mcadirect.com/shop/sirdar-supersoft-aran-100g-p-396.html not sure of the shade, perhaps River Blue?

    • Ok, I’ll have a look. I bought some yarn today (or rather, I had some bought for me!) but that’s another post for another day x


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