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Bad Days

Today, I didn’t have any lectures until 1pm so I thought I’d continue with my attempt at being healthy and go swimming in the morning. I had it all planned out. I set my alarm for 9:00, intending to stay dozing in bed until 9:30 so I wouldn’t be in a bad mood from having to wake up ‘early’ (I use quotation marks here, because I know most other people start work at 9:00, so to wake up at 9:30 definitely wouldn’t be early, but I’m a student and therefore anything before lunchtime is considered early). Anyway, 9:30 came and I was all relaxed, just about to convince myself to get out of bed when the fire alarm goes off.

I always panic a bit when the fire alarm goes off because I never know how long is a suitable time to prepare for going outside. The first thing we were told when we moved in was to take a minute to put warm clothes and shoes on, grab your phone, keys and any other valuables and go outside. I thought this was crazy! I’d always been told to leave everything and just get out quickly but calmly. Thankfully, I listened to them because a little while ago, the alarm went off at two in the morning. I got dressed in my warmest clothes, put my shoes on and went out with my phone and keys, locking my door after me. It turned out that there was a real fire down the corridor from me in someone’s room and we were outside for an hour and a half! At two in the morning. In minus temperatures. One of the people from my block didn’t put on socks or shoes so was stood on an empty burger box hoping it would insulate his feet a bit. We eventually got moved into a building with lots of offices in it to keep warm, but by that time he was frozen!

Anyway, there I was dancing around my room trying to put on socks whilst finding my warm jumper when the alarm stops. And only then do I realise it’s a Tuesday – the day they test all the fire alarms. I’ve always had a 9am lecture on a Tuesday up until now, so that was my first experience of it and boy does it get you out of bed! So much for my nice relaxed waking up anyway.

I ate my healthy breakfast and got to the pool at about twenty past ten when I realised I didn’t have a pound for the locker. I went to reception to see if they would change a £5 note for me, but I was told that they weren’t allowed to change notes. Great. I’ll just have to leave it in an unlocked locker and hope no-one snatches it.

So I eventually make it into the pool and start doing my first length. Hold on, I thought, my goggles feel a bit funny. So when I get to the other end, I pull them off to have a look and SNAP, the elastic breaks at one side. I’d accidentally worn them upside down (giving the lifeguards another reason to laugh at me!) and the unusual position had strained the elastic. To be fair, I’ve had these goggles since I was about 12, so they’ve lasted quite well. I then take my broken goggles and attempt to swim, holding them in one hand, to the shallow end. I don’t know if any of you have tried to swim whilst holding broken goggles, but it’s surprisingly difficult! I made it eventually and placed them on the side before attempting to swim two lengths without any goggles. This was impossible! I nearly hit about three people and the side when I had my head under water and when I swam back with my head above water, I think I must have looked like a seal or something.

Not wanting to give up after I woke up especially to go swimming, I go and pick up my goggles again and have a look at them. I realise there’s a small plastic bit that comes out and I can try and loop the remaining elastic through it and push it back into the slot on the goggles. This took quite a few attempts, but once I’d done it I felt I could accomplish anything. So off I go, swimming up and down again, pleased to actually be able to see now.

After a few more lengths, my goggles fill up with water, so I take them off to readjust and SNAP, the elastic on the other side snaps too. Brilliant. But I knew what to do and so took out the small piece of plastic and slotted the remaining elastic into it. I swam a few more lengths and then decided that I should probably get out if I wanted to make my lecture.

I got back home, had a shower (after I got a glare from the cleaner when I ran in there in front of her because she wanted to clean it – I had to, I had a lecture!) and finished my pizza from yesterday to make me feel a little better. There’s nothing like putting on ten times the calories you’ve just burnt off!

I made it to my lecture, but I think next time I might just skip the swimming and the pizza. That way I can sleep as long as I want (barring the fire alarm!) and won’t look like a fool. I’d feel bad about the lifeguards not having any entertainment though. Maybe I should just buy some new goggles?



  1. Sometimes it is best to just stay in bed. Lol. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  2. Nanita

    Lol – you actually made me want to take up swimming again! I have a swimming pool three streets away, so there’s really no excuse, only the swimming pool is in a huge (and rather old) building on the third floor! I can’t even describe how weird it feels to be swimming in a pool on a third floor, I just keep thinking there’s no firm ground below me for two whole floors and it really freaks me out a bit 😉 I’d go for new goggles – once they snap, they’ll keep on snapping 🙂 x

  3. Lizzie

    Wow! This just reads like a comedy sketch, I laughed and laughed. Thanks for the entertainment.


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