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My Attempt at Being Healthy

At the moment, this is my breakfast:


You may think this is me being healthy. In actual fact it is the opposite. It is as a result of me being lazy. You see, our kitchen gets cleaned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and when the cleaners are in there, we’re not allowed to be. As the kitchen is where the milk/toaster/any slices of bread that haven’t yet been stolen are kept, this posed quite a dilemma when it came to eating breakfast. I’m definitely NOT one of those people who can skip breakfast – if I leave it 10 minutes longer than usual, my stomach groans in protest let alone if I leave it three or four hours. So I came up with a solution that just happened to be healthy. I have a large box under my bed filled with food, which is essential for uni living due to the small kitchen cupboards and the food thiefs, so I just keep my breakfast in there. If I was allowed a toaster/mini fridge in my room, I would definitely just live on peanut butter on toast and coco pops!


(Please ignore the cookies, crisps, chocolate bars etc. I am healthy, I tell you, HEALTHY!!)

As I can’t canoe here as much as I did at home, I’m not as fit as I was a few months ago. I didn’t realise quite how unfit I was until a few weeks ago when I went on a training session with ‘people of my standard’ from other clubs and I was the slowest there. I probably shouldn’t mention that they were all younger than me and one of them was 14. It was SO embarrassing!

So when I came back to uni, I thought that’s it, something has to be done. I went to the gym. Oh my gosh it was horrible! I don’t mind exercise, in fact I quite enjoy it but I’ve come to the realisation that I only enjoy it when there is some sort of competition. I do NOT enjoy it when I nearly fall off a treadmill for half an hour, dripping with sweat whilst surrounded by gorgeously slim girls effortlessly running at twice my speed. So that was something to be avoided at all costs, but my damn friend decided I shouldn’t give up so easily and kept dragging me along every time she went. It’s like she wants me to be healthy or something?

The next time we went, I decided I’d had enough. I wasn’t going back on that treadmill. To keep my friend happy, I told her I would go swimming. I’d been thinking about it for a while but never been confident enough to go on my own, but I thought – today’s the day! After accidentally getting changed in a shower cubical (thought it was a changing room. It wasn’t.), I made it into the pool and swam for half an hour while my gorgeously slim friend ran on the treadmill. And you know what? I loved it! It was so relaxing just going up and down on my own, taking a break when I needed it. There was a minor incident when I got cocky and tried to do three lengths without a breather and I could see the lifeguards all watching me. It’s fine, I thought. I’ve got this, I can keep going, I’ll show them. And then my goggles filled with water. I attempted a few strokes with my eyes shut, but decided this was actually impossible, so then tried to tread water whilst emptying my goggles in the midst of swimmers going up and down either side of me.

I’m sure I could hear the lifeguards laughing. But I showed them the next day when I came and swam for a whole hour. That’s right – a whole hour! And I even managed three lengths without stopping/nearly drowning. Shame it wasn’t the same lifeguards on duty.

So those are my current attempts at staying fit and healthy and I’m actually looking forward to going swimming again this week. And I think the fact that I’ve eaten a relatively healthy breakfast for a while, swum AND canoed recently definitely means that the dominoes pizza I just ate doesn’t count.




  1. You are wonderful. I am glad you started blogging. I love it.

    • Thank you – you don’t know how much you just made me smile! I’ve visited your blog and tried to comment, but it wouldn’t let me. I love that top you made for Autumn though 🙂

  2. Liz

    Hi Alice – I’ve arrived here via Heather’s blog and I’m really impressed by your blogging skills and photos. I’ve read all of your posts so far and have found them very interesting. It reminds me of the days when my sons were at Uni; they’re now 33, 31 and 25.

  3. One-oh-four

    Hi Alice, lovely blog so far! I found you via Attic24 although I read (and love) Heather’s blog too. I went to Warwick University about 20 years ago and returned there to work for a while a few years back, it’s a great place to be. Loved your knitting! Are you on Ravelry? Loads of help and inspiration on there!

    • Hi! Yeah, I love Warwick – it’s so open and green! I’m not on Ravelry. I’ve heard of it but don’t really know what it is. I’ll have a look at it in a bit. I’m glad you like my knitting, I’ll show it off when I’ve completely finished it. Thank you 🙂


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