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Weekends at university are rather strange. Everyone seems to disappear somewhere. You can literally go a whole day without seeing a soul. I think most people either sleep in till about three in the afternoon or lock themselves in their room to do work they should have already done.

On Saturdays I usually have a long lie in, so get up at about 11:30 or 12:00 and then have a shower, have lunch and waste time on my laptop until I get up the courage to go to Tesco. As I’m sure many of you know, Tesco on a Saturday afternoon is horrendous. It’s full of people who Β I’m sure under any other circumstance are very nice, but as soon as they get into Tesco, something in them changes which means they have no problem dawdling along leaving their trolleys in THE most inconvenient places possible whilst they stop for a minute – not to go and pick something off a shelf, but to text or sort their hair out .

I’m definitely more of a get it done and get out kind of person and I KNOW what Tesco is like on a Saturday afternoon, yet I still decide to go then. Even when yesterday I had the whole day to go, I thought I’d wait and subject myself to this torture. I’ll tell you why this is. It’s because I’m a student. This means I have to wait until I’ve completely run out of food before I go shopping, and because I buy a weeks worth of food I end up going on a Saturday afternoon every time.

Similarly, being a student, I have to wait until I’m down to my last set of clothes before I remember that I actually have to do my own washing here. And the same thing happens. I thought about doing it today, but instead of being organised and productive, I’ve just put it off so I’ll end up doing it tomorrow when I’m busy canoeing at Stratford in the morning (YAY!!) and was going to do some work in the afternoon.

I’ve realised why all students are like this. As I said in my first post, the first thing you learn at uni is how to procrastinate and I’ve gotten so good at it that I don’t even realise I’m doing it. I’ll just be checking me emails and BOOM, three hours have gone by. This is also why an hours worth of work will take me twice as long. I’ll tell you something, this doesn’t bode well for my exams!

What about you? What do you put off doing until the last minute?


  1. Er, yes, Tescos. I have just caved and done my first online order because I cannot bear to wander round the shop for three hours while the people in front of me dither. I’m not a student but I live on my own and I tell you, the ‘putting it off’ does not get any better! I still wait until I have nothing to eat off before I do the washing up πŸ˜‰

  2. I just saw that you started a blog. You are a natural. I just finished reading all of your posts. I loved my time in uni, boy do I remember the bread stealers. Lol. I went to university in Kent. I am American, but had the good fortune to live in England for a few years when I was in university. Your posts really brought me back to those days. I am looking forward to following your days studying (and procrastinating).

  3. Katharina

    Hi Alice,
    my years of study dates back several years, but my laundry and the garbage still have to wait until the last minute…
    By the way, congratulations on your blog! I found you via Heather.

  4. Sarah

    Dear Alice have popped across from your sister Heather’s blog. Your room reminds me of the one I had when studying( too many years ago to mention). Good for you with your knitting. I have been crocheting squares and am trying to work out the colour combinations. Enjoy blogging!

  5. Nanita

    Hi Alice! Yup, I’m another one still procrastinating although I left Uni 8 years ago πŸ˜‰ I popped over from Heather’s blog (I’m a big yarnoholic, mostly crochet, new knitter) so I must comment on your scarf-in-progress: fabulous job! And I love your owl-cushion πŸ˜‰ Greets from Brussels! x

    • Thank you! I intend to show off my scarf on here when it’s finished. I love my cushion too – I think it was from Ikea, and it’s just so pretty! x


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