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Look What I Can Do!

I realise quite a few of people are coming here via Heather’s blog, so to make you all feel more at home, I thought I’d do a creative blog post. My mum taught me how to knit years ago, but the only two times I ever attempted it on my own I ended up with wonky triangles of wool where the number of stitches increased nearly every row (forgive me if I’m not using the correct words, I’m not fluent in knitting). However, a few weekends ago me, Heather and Rachel all came home after being in opposite corners of the country and Heather started to knit something. I don’t think it started out with an intention of being anything (it turned into a pretty mitten), but just watching her knit for something to do made me want to have another go after all those years. So I asked her to show me how to ‘cast on’ (see, I do know some words!) and went from there.

Once I’d started, I just couldn’t stop! It was nice to have something to do with your hands while watching TV, or sitting and chatting. I started on Saturday evening and by Monday, it looked like this (Rachel decided to jump on the band wagon too):

I was on a role, I tell you! Anyway, I got so addicted to it I decided to bring it to uni. Now I realise that not all students like to take a bag of knitting back to uni with them, but it’s nice to have a variety of things to do. Plus, if no-one knows, no-one can judge right? So every now and then when I have time or when I should be studying, I just watch a programme on the internet and knit away. I haven’t managed to do much this week as I had actual important work to do, but today I only had one lecture so I came back and knitted(?) knat(?) (who knows?!) for a good hour or so. This is my progress so far:

I’ve decided that I’m going to jump in at the deep end and make something very complex with my knitting. That’s right people, I’m going for… a scarf! DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!!!! I thought that way I can just keep on knitting until the ball of wool (or should that be yarn?) is finished and then I’ll give it to my wonderful mum who can hopefully show me how to tie in the ends. And voila! A scarf! That I made! And can actually, you know, be worn and stuff! I even have my very own knitting bag, that my grandma bought me for Christmas (although neither of us knew what it would be used for then).

How talented am I?! Heather says next time I might even be able to move on and make cushion covers! I tell you, now I’ve got the bug, my room is going to be a woollen haven. Although it might be a bit harder to hide my knitting abilities from my friends. Maybe I could knit some blindfolds?



  1. your knitting is great and you should definitely make a cushion cover. Or a blanket like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/7810999323199318/ but in better colours 😉

    • Oh, wow – that looks a little too advanced I think! I need to work out how to tie in the ends on this one before I can start thinking about joining different colours together! xx

  2. Rachel

    I knat through my 2nd ball of yarn in the first couple of days of being back here so I can’t do anymore now 😦 How come your yarn is going so far? Very unfair as I definitely need the knitting to keep my fingers toasty in this house! x x

    • Alice’s was a 100g ball of Aran weight, your’s were 50g ball of Chunky weight. You get more yardarge with Aran because it’s thinner x


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