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Welcome To My Humble Abode

I’ve been studying at Warwick University since October last year and I thought I’d show you my digs for this year.

I’m staying in the halls which has the reputation for being the loudest, most outgoing, party-every-night-of-the-week halls on campus. Let me tell you I am definitely more of a quiet, responsible, would-rather-stay-in-with-a-book type of girl, but this one was cheap and needs must.

My room is quite simple with a sink, a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair but it’s very cosy. Most of these pictures were taken on the day I moved in, so it’s got a bit more of that (as my mum would put it) ‘lived in’ feel about it now, but I think that’s a good thing. Since the pictures, I’ve put up fairy lights around my shelves, have a pile of dirty washing on the chair and am attempting to grow crocuses in my wardrobe. I realise that growing plants in a wardrobe may seem strange to some people, but my grandma bought me and Rachel some indoor crocuses for Christmas and the packet said they should stay in a cool, dark, ventilated area for 12 weeks before bringing out into the light. As my room is anything but cool, dark and ventilated, I thought I would at least achieve one of the three by growing them in my wardrobe.

Ooh, would you look at that – a tiny shoot! I would be dancing around with excitement, but I planted them a bit late so they had shoots out already when I planted them. Still I don’t think any were poking out the top before, so maybe this does warrant me jumping up and down on my bed for a few minutes?

I don’t know if you can see on the picture showing my fairy lights, but just to the right of the cereal box (which is too tall to fit in my kitchen cupboard), there’s a jug. In this jug is the remainder of the soil for the crocuses. Apparently, to my friend, the clumps of soil look like pieces of brownie which he thought he might like to try. When he found out they were actually clumps of soil, he wasn’t too keen but I thought he should really eat some anyway for being so greedy!

Maybe this is a sign that I should actually throw the soil out. But that would mean taking it outside and looking like a fool emptying brownie pieces into a bush, and I’m way too lazy to venture outside unless forced. Maybe I’ll wait till the cover of darkness before I do it? Oh who am I kidding? It’ll probably still be there when I move out in June.

In my accommodation, I share a kitchen, three toilets, two baths and one shower with 15 other people which can be a bit of a squeeze if you all decide to cook at the same time. You just have to run for the cleanest hob, claim it with your frying pan and kick anyone that gets too close. Thankfully this has only happened once or twice (minus the kicking – honest!) and you usually only have to cook with one or two other people around.

The worst thing about sharing a kitchen with so many people is the mess – it’s horrific! The kitchen gets cleaned every other day apart from weekends and we get threatened with a £50 fine if they can’t actually see the surfaces under the pots and pans. This happens a lot. So far, they haven’t actually followed through with the threat but when you live with people who instead of washing up their pans which have been sitting on the table for a month, decide to buy new ones, I’m sure it won’t be long.

Although I moan about the people I live with quite a lot, the other night I went out for a meal with some people from my kitchen and some people two floors above. We went for a curry and we had such a good time! No-one was particularly drunk and nothing exciting happened, but it was just so nice to sit and chat with people who I usually would just say hi to in the hall. This is the best bit about uni – deciding to go and do something with people and it being really easy to organise because everyone’s in the same place. And if you can get past the bread stealing and the kitchen messing and the music at four in the morning, then I would even go as far to say that I enjoy living with 15 loud, outgoing party animals.


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