Just the thoughts of a girl.

My Family

I’m part of quite a large family. I have two older sisters and one younger brother.

My oldest sister is¬†Heather, she’s 25 and has been married to her husband Andy for about two and a half years now. She lives up in Yorkshire with him in a house they bought a few years ago. Their biggest mission at the moment is to make their living room liveable – they had to ‘damp-proof’ it as part of the mortgage agreement, so that’s taking up quite a bit of their time at the moment. Heather has her own blog¬†and takes some amazing photos (go on, you know you want to pay her a visit). She works at a bank typing up lots of boring information, and Andy works with computers.

My other sister is Rachel, she’s 21 and is in her final year at Portsmouth University studying Journalism and English Literature, although she recently announced that she wants nothing to do with being a journalist any more. Either way, I can’t wait till she graduates because that means she’ll be living a lot closer to me! I have this image of my third year (I’m in my first year at the moment) where me and Rachel live together in a beautiful two bedroom flat and she goes to work and I go to uni and everything’s amazing. I’ve always thought that we’d be really good living together because although we sometimes argue and get annoyed with each other, we’ve come to a place where we both know how to approach each other and get over things. Of course, all of this depends on her getting a job in the area and a whole lot of other technical stuff, but a girl can dream.

My brother is Padraig and he’s 17. His name is the Irish version of Patrick, which is how we pronounce it. I think in Ireland they pronounce it so it sounds something like ‘Porrig’, but we’re not in Ireland and we wanted him to survive primary school! In actual fact, most of the time we call him Patch which avoids any confusion and is a nickname he’s had for years. Padraig is currently studying Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology in his first year of A levels and is working INCREDIBLY hard! (He’s also over 6ft, so I have to say nice things about him if I don’t want to be squished when I visit home next.)

My mum works in a cookshop selling all things kitchen and runs the house with all the cleaning and cooking. My dad is the head at a primary school and does a bit of coaching at the canoe club (a post on this will follow soon).

So, that’s about it for what I used to call my ‘house family’ – as in people I live with, or lived with I suppose it should be now. Other than that there’s my grandma who I’m very close to. She lives in the village next to my family home which is just so nice because it means it’s no trouble dropping in on a Saturday afternoon and having a good old natter with her.

I get on really well with my family. Most of the time. Ok, maybe some of the time. But when everyone’s in a good mood, there’s nothing important to be done and luck is on our side, we have the most awesome times ever and I can’t wait to share them with you through my blog.



  1. Louise

    Came here via Heather’s blog. Really enjoyed seeing your photos. You all seem so friendly and close. I still remember the open letter Heather wrote to you as you left for uni. Made me tear up! Best of luck at uni! I think you’re going to do great!

    • Thank you so much!

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